When your career/work life is going very well, then my private life is going to hell. 

Karma is bitch! 


Going out is like


“Mis on sõltuvuste sõltuvus? Nikotiin, alkohol, narkootikumid ütled sa? Võib-olla. Aga minu arust on see armastus. Kui korra õige tunde kätte saad, siis on võimatu ilma olla.”

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Today I was workshadowing Estonian education minister. It was interesting, but same time hard day.
As teacher, I understand he not have easy job, but it was fun and interesting day.
Udu. The fog. (at Pirita, Tallin)
Toitev käsi. Feeding hand. (at Pirita, Tallin)

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I’m teacher of student group, what is more interested in nature and science.

To be honest, there is moments, when I feel they are the real reason, why I’m teacher and stay to be teacher.

Yeah, to be sciences teacher can be hard - you often fail in lesson (when you rookie like me), the stress is going often up (hello youtube cat videos), payment is low (welcome to eastern-europe), but…

….this days, when I was looking, how older students arrange everything to take new students in our group, then I have “that” feeling inside.

"That" feeling is mixed with proudness, warmth and happiness.

P.S. Look in the end - best things are coming last :)



sometimes I feel like a seal is just a neutral sea lion


as in 

without an ion

everyone needs to see this post i’m not sorry

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Present from coworker #vscocam (at Tartu loodusmaja)